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Our best-selling luxury shirts are now available in 6 sleeve lengths: 33" to 38". Choose between our classic and cutaway collars, double or single cuff in a size and fit that that suits you!


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"I am honoured and excited to be named as the first ever M&S Ambassador of Tailoring. My first suit was one of my Dad’s M&S pure wool suits that I had altered to fit me, ever since then I have had an interest in and love of British tailoring" – David Gandy

David Gandy wearing navy tailored suit

Travel suits

Over land, sea or air, our suits are built to move

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Occasion suits

Fine formal styles to keep you looking (card) sharp.

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Formal shirts

It’s your cue to upgrade your smartest shirts

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Essential tailoring tips

Man wearing bow tie and dinner suit

How to tie a bow tie

Don't tie yourself up in knots with our handy guide to mastering this most suave of men’s style foundations

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Man wearing pocket square in navy suit

How to fold a pocket square

Finish with a flourish – brush up on the folds to know and finesse your jacket in a flash

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