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Woman in yellow dress

Spend it well

Woman in yellow dress

Spend it well

Turn off Autopilot and spend life well

Someone wise once said, life’s short and spending it well is about saying yes, it’s sometimes having the conviction to say no.

But a new survey of 3,000 Brits has found 96 per cent of us live life on autopilot. The result? We say yes four times each day when we want to say no.

“Autopilot makes it harder for us to make good choices, so we feel we’re living someone else’s life,” says Dr Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness.

Reconnect with what really matters; prioritise to-do lists, stop comparing ourselves to others, try new things and learn to say no (kindly). If it doesn’t make you feel extraordinary, say no – we only get one life, so let’s spend it well.

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Join us for Make it Matter Day


We’re urging the nation to turn their four daily autopilot decisions into more enriching choices, to say ‘no’ instead of defaulting to ‘yes’, to make decisions that count. Maybe this is the day you say ‘yes’ to leaving work on time or ‘no’ to a rushed breakfast? Join us on social media on 1 June to share with us how you’ll


How will you Make it Matter?

For inspiration, we’ve asked some well-known Instagram names to show us how they’ll be ensuring that 1 June is a day to remember, by switching off their autopilot and saying ‘yes’ to what really matters.


“For me, making it matter is all about my four-legged friends and letting the wind blow in my hair as often as possible. I’ll be making it matter with a bike ride near home with the golden boys right there beside me.”

Emily Johnston

Zoë De Pass of Dress Like a Mum talks about making it matter


“Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the things I feel I have to do. One of the ways I break this feeling is to get out and go for a run around the park - away from my to do lists, my head is fresher, clearer and my perspective on the situation changes.”

Zoë De Pass, 35


“There is nothing that calms me down more than a cup of superb coffee. It really does make a difference to appreciate the small things that make you happy.”

Kat Farmer, 43


“There’s one thing that I find I do well, and that’s taking a moment for myself. I've learnt to prioritise it, because I know that if I don’t, I'll run out of puff and that’s no fun for anyone. Take a breath. Sip a tea. Say hi to yourself and take in the beauty about you; whether that be a pretty cottage in a cobbled mews, or the the clouds in the sky…”

Poppy Loves


“Holidays don't have to always be about epic adventures, busy itineraries or hopping from one iconic landmark to the next. This holiday is all about relaxing, recharging and enjoying these lovely little moments.”

Monica Stott, 30

Ciara, of My Fussy Eater, talks about making the most of the little things


“For me, making the most out of life is about the little things – time spent with family and friends, enjoying good food and not worrying about the mess.”

Ciara Attwell, 34

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