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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



M& kids and lingerie editor


With the summer term imminent, it’s time to switch to a lighter uniform. For girls, that means a crisp new gingham dress, says M& kids and lingerie editor, Maggie Davis.

I’m looking forward to that moment in the Easter holidays when it’s time to pack away my daughter’s winter uniform. Nothing signals summer like a crisp new gingham school dress. It’s guaranteed to send me on a nostalgia trip about my own childhood. No wonder – this utilitarian-but-pretty centuries-old fabric retains an innocent charm no matter what the decade. These dresses – available in several colours including yellow, pink and blue – feature our Cool Comfort technology, which draws moisture to the surface of the cotton fabric, where it evaporates, cooling as it does so (perfect for the warmer months). They’re also crease-free (no ironing!) and, most importantly, they can be tossed in the washing machine frequently with no ill effects. Now that tights are out, socks are in, so don’t forget to stock up.
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“The cotton gingham dress is a CLASSIC.
Team it with long white socks and a
cardigan for the summer term.”