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Get the Look: your how-to guide

Get the



IT'S EASY TO achieve a
film-star finish to your party
look this winter. In a few
simple steps, you can recreate
classic make-up with a
modern twist. Here, Becky
Sunshine shows you how



Glossy lips feel luxurious and polished, and will make your LDB spring to life.


Leighton Denny Nail Colour in Scarlet

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A deep, dark, plum tone adds a rich, new edge to night-time style. Keep the rest of your look fresh.


Dramatic LIPS

For evening glamour, choose a strong lip colour for
maximum impact. Stick to simple eye make-up to
ensure a standout pout.

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Consider classic red

It's the feminine fail-safe that never dissapoints, which is why you'll turn heads with a forever-chic sumptuous red lip.

Perfect the feline flick

Make your eyes the focal point with an extended stroke of liner over the top lid. Simple shading on the socket will ensure you’re camera-ready.

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Look Sharp

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Dip In

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Line up

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Power Lines

A graphic tick of liquid eyeliner brings an old-school elegance to your evening eye. Go for nude lips to draw attention upwards.

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Choose smooth

Sweep hair back in a simple chignon to give your look a new take on 60s ladylike chic.



Smoky Eyes

Sultry and seductive, there's nothing quite like dusky,
smudgy eyes defined with a kohl liner for true evening glamour.

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Go Green

A kingfisher-green shade of eyeshadow, defined
with a matching kohl pencil, is a fabulous
jewel-like statement.

Embrace Inky Hues

Consider a dark, rich colour for a party-perfect eye. See how deep purple eyeliner blends beautifully with tonal eyeshadow.

Discover Colour

Take a chance and experiment with winter's
extra-special shades.