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Our Journey


At the beginning of the season we work with our team of in-house designers to develop trends and products to create a range that you'll love. From start to finish, our team is dedicated to producing standout lighting.

The Team


"Our team is passionate about lighting and strive to make every product unique, safe, and amazing value, by using only the best materials and processes." Paul Tanner, lighting buyer


Our mix of beautiful exclusive lights

1. Location, location, location


Look at the layout of your room and consider how the natural light falls before you choose where to place your lighting. Are there any dark corners that need an extra light source? The dimensions of the room are also important, so make sure you look at ceiling heights and locations of plug sockets when choosing your lighting.

2. The right light


Consider the function of the room you’re lighting – if it’s a kitchen or dining area, add task lights to illuminate key areas. Bedroom and living rooms call for softer, more ambient light – look for shaded pieces that diffuse the light softly around the room. We also do a range of specialist bathroom and outdoor lights, designed and tested to weather the relevant conditions.

Table lamps

3. Your personal design scheme


Many styles have been created using similar woods and metals so you can design a lighting scheme that will sit together beautifully. Alternatively, you can simply choose from our matching ranges for a more co-ordinated look. Layer ceiling, table and floor lights at different heights to add depth, interest and flexibility to your rooms.


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4. Coloured glass


Tinted glass in rich jewel tones gives an opulent effect. Each piece has been designed individually to contrast and create an eclectic look – hang in multiples for a real statement.


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5. The statement floor lamp


Create a focal point in your room without the need to hire an electrician. Choose from contemporary arcs, traditional tripods or functional tasks lamps in a range of woods, metals and glass. Look out for matching table and pendant lights for a coordinated look.


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6. Modern crystal


Create some drama with sparkling cut glass and crystal in a range of shapes, from contemporary balls and domes to classic chandeliers. Many of our ranges come in both chrome and antique brass, so you’ll always be able to find something to suit your interior.


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