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Whether you're already committed to maintaining a healthier lifestyle or just starting out, we're here to help and support you every step of the way. From basic facts to diet tips, healthy eating for kids to shopping in our Foodhall, we've got you covered

BMI Calculator

What’s your BMI?


Based on the balance between your height and weight, the BMI calculator is a great way to find out if you are a healthy weight




BMI calculator

Healthy eating

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What is healthy eating?

Whatever your goal, getting the balance of nutrients right is key to a healthy body – let us help get you started

See our guide

Glass full of yoghurt and berries

How to balance your diet

No single food can give you all the nutrients you need – it’s time to mix up your meals and add variety

Strike the balance

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Ask the nutritionist

Got a burning question on health or nutrition and want a professional opinion? Ask our in-house experts.

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Lifestyles and allergies

A bed of chickpeas and sliced cucumber and lemon


Contemplating a change? We’ve broken down the principles of a vegan diet to help you

Vegan diet explained

Kale salad and a berry smoothie


A balanced and varied vegetarian diet can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs

Our guide to vegetarianism

Breads and oils


What is gluten? And how do you manage and maintain a gluten-free diet? Answers here

All about gluten

Three glass milk bottles with yellow straws

Allergies and intolerances

From the most common to the lesser-known, read our guide to food allergies and intolerances

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Our health ranges

Prawn and pasta dish

Balanced for You

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle with meal ideas and inspiration from Balanced for You

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Sandwiches, wraps and healthy dishes

Count on Us

Calorie counting has never been easier. Count on Us is packed with healhy meals made for you

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Panna cotta

Made Without

Our Made Without range offers your favourites, just without any gluten or dairy

Explore the range

Children’s food range

For the children

Try our Tiny Taste Buds range to fill smaller stomachs with something tasty and healthy

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Nutrition basics

Vegetable and rice noodle stir fry

How to get your five a day

How big is a portion? Do all kinds of fruit and vegetables count towards my five? How much of my daily diet should be made up of fruit and veg? Find all the answers here

High five

Flatbreads filled with houmous and vibrant vegetarian salad

A guide to grains and carbs

Carbohydrates are important sources of energy, but did you know that wholegrains contain 75 per cent more nutrients than milled versions? Read more about starchy superfoods here

Get the whole(grain) picture

Bottles of wine and glasses with snacks and flowers

All about alcohol

Get the lowdown on alcohol, from knowing the units and getting to grips with calories to intake and a healthy diet

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My health

Pregnant woman walking down the street

Eating for two

Whether you’re planning for a baby or are already pregnant, let us help you make the right food choices

Eat for your stage

Fish on a slate board with lemon and parsley

All about health conditions

Everything you need to know about diet-related health conditions

Your health, explained

Shopping basket full of food

How we label our food

Our accurate nutrition and allergy information will help you make informed choices

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Jars of colourful sweets

Additives explained

Are E numbers really all bad? And what are we doing at M&S to keep them to a minimum?

All about E numbers

Easy healthy recipes

Overnight mango and oat pots


Our easy, tasty ideas for brunch and breakfast will help to you get your day off on the right foot

See our recipes

Asparagus and prawn coconut noodle soup


With everything from light bites to quick dishes – make lunch an event to remember

See our recipes

Spicy chilli con carne


Mix up your meals and try something new with our range of inspiring dinner ideas

See our recipes

Berrylicious frozen yoghurt


From healthy ideas to sweet treats, satisfy cravings with our snack-happy recipes

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Food inspiration

Fresh vegetables and fruits with a peeler and grater

Rethink your food waste

Be a savvy cook with these handy tips and tricks on cutting down on the food you throw away

Bid goodbye to waste

Pots of grains

Grains of truth

Delicious, nutritious and more than just a meal bulker – welcome to our grain guide

See the grain guide

Food News

From recipes to products, find a world of inspiration right here online

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