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Introducing our new sushi collection

Whether you're an established sushi fanatic and know all about its health (not to mention flavour) plus points, or you want to try the protein-rich Japanese delicacy for the first time, make sure you give yourself something extra special, like the intricately made pieces from our new collection

Our most authentic sushi yet

Our expert chefs have travelled to the home of sushi to bring back the knowledge and skills required to develop a brand new collection of exceptional sushi using traditional methods and specialist ingredients. The devil is really in the detail when it comes to these meticulously made mouthfuls of rice (from mineral-rich paddy fields), authentic nori seaweed, succulent fish and vegetables and side portions of fresh wasabi and soy sauce brewed in Japan.

Sushi doesn't just look and taste good, though – it's also good for you. As well as being low in calories and saturated fats, the fish varieties offer a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids while the nori on each sushi piece contains iodine (essential for proper hormone function), magnesium, calcium, iron and folic acid.


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Know your sushi

Can't decide if you want some nigiri or a California roll? Explore the full selection with our handy menu

Meaning hand-pressed sushi, nigiri are typically a rectangle of sushi rice with a thin layer of topping, called neta, which is typically raw or half-grilled fish or seafood. Our new pieces include beetroot-cured Lochmuir salmon, chargrilled pepper, king prawn, gravadlax Lochmuir salmon, avocado and mangetout.

California Roll
A roll with fish or meat and vegetables on the inside and the rice on the outside that's finished with herbs or seeds. These sliced rolls were originally made specifically to appeal to western tastes with the seaweed hidden on the inside. Our new range includes crab, avocado and mango, tuna and chargrilled red pepper, miso beef and chargrilled red pepper, tamarind and miso duck, gravadlax Lochmuir salmon and asparagus sugar-snap pea.

Bite-sized rolls with rice wrapped in nori that are typically stuffed with raw vegetables. Look out for our signature M&S flavours like beetroot-cured Lochmuir salmon, pickled red cabbage, pickled carrot and pickled cucumber.

Know your nigiri from your California Rolls


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