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In celebration of salmon

We've been working with award-winning farms on lochs along the windswept Scottish coastline for 10 years.
To celebrate this milestone, we take a closer look at how we source our farmed Lochmuir salmon and
show off the best of our range with some clever recipe ideas

Ten years of Lochmuir

Local Scottish wild salmon is now very scarce. Farmed fish can sometimes get a poor reputation, but it's a great way to ensure we can keep supplying customers with delicious fish to the highest standards.

Our farmed Lochmuir salmon is specially grown for M&S on award-winning farms. All these farms are audited by the RSPCA to RSPCA assured standards, representing the best possible animal welfare.

Find out more about our salmon below, and be inspired to try something new with easy recipes that will make enjoying this delicious fish for any meal of the day a breeze.


 Celebrating 10 years of Lochmuir salmon at M&S

Our salmon story

The provenance of M&S salmon

Our fish

All of our Lochmuir salmon is
fully traceable, which
means you'll be able
to find out exactly which loch
your salmon was produced in.


Our pens

Lochmuir salmon
grow to maturity in our vast
pens around the west coast of
Scotland, Shetland and
the Orkney Isles

How our fish are farmed
The salmon fisherman story

Our farms

Every single farm
produces salmon to our leading
select farm standard
so we have control over
everything from the feed they
are fed to when they
are harvested.

Our feed

Our feed is specially
formulated to make sure that one serving
(115g serving size) of Lochmuir
salmon delivers your weekly
recommended intake of Omega-3.

What's special about our fish

Breakfast: Scandi-inspired smoked salmon with herby potato rosti

Smoked salmon and eggs is a classic breakfast combination, especially in the cold climes of Scandinavia, where they specialise in smoked and cured fish. Make brunch or your next family breakfast extra special with our recipe for buttery, dill-spiked potato rosti and slivers of our beetroot smoked salmon.

Our Scottish Lochmuir salmon is cured for 16 hours, then smoked in traditional kilns for 12 hours before it's given its distinctive purple beetroot marinade.

See the breakfast recipe

Lunch: Whole salmon with roast squash and tarragon-olive mayonnaise

Who said Sunday roast had to be a joint of meat? There's nothing more impressive than presenting a whole, stuffed Lochmuir salmon on a platter for guests to dive in and serve themselves. The little added extras of roast squash and tarragon-olive mayonnaise make this the perfect feast for sharing.

Our whole Lochmuir salmon from the cold, clear waters of Scotland is left with its bone in, which means it stays succulent and juicy during the roasting process.

See the lunch recipe

Dinner: Sesame-coated salmon fillets with tomato-chilli relish and stir-fried noodles

Cooking from scratch come dinnertime doesn't have to take up your whole evening. Try a fresh approach with our recipe for stir-fried noodles topped with Lochmuir salmon fillets. Packed with the spicy, salty and sweet flavours of Thailand and coated in a crispy seed crumb, this nutritious meal will be a hit with the whole family.

Make a double portion and you can serve it cold for a buffet or packed lunch.

See the dinner recipe


Shop salmon online

Shop salmon online

Whether you need a dressed side of salmon for a party or some delicate fillets for dinner, find it in our full range of fish online

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