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How to achieve perfect brows

Nude Make up
Tips Tutorial

Learn secret tricks of the trade with make-up artist to the stars Mary Greenwell

Be a natural beauty

Inspired by bombshell Brigitte Bardot, give your look a stylish new spin with Mary’s take on forever-chic nude make-up. Think softly defined eyes with a pared-back lip to reach new heights of natural beauty

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Mary’s expert tips for modern nude make-up


Step 1: Ace your base

Create a flawless canvas by applying a complexion-perfecting primer first, followed with foundation

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Step 2: Add glow factor

Apply cream blusher to the apples of cheeks to cheat a healthy-looking glow

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Eye palette

Step 3: Define your eyes

Use your fingertips to wash a nude-toned eyeshadow over eyelids for the most natural effect

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Step 4: Pare-back lips

Use concealer on lips if you don't have a pale-enough lipstick to tone down their colour

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How-to do foolproof contouring

Foolproof contouring

Show off your bone structure with Mary's must-see tutorial in scuplting and shading

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How to do the ultimate smokey eye

The ultimate smokey eye

Dial up the drama on your evening look with Mary's beauty tutorial in the ultimate smokey eye

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Read the video transcript

My name is Mary Greenwell and I’m going to show you how to do a nude look which is basically quite a soft eye and then a very pale mouth a la Brigitte Bardot. First I’m using Flawless and Poreless Primer by Pixi. Next is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. Really massaging it in. I never want to put on a foundation that is darker than the skin tone. And in fact, if it blends in on the neck, it’s the perfect colour. That is the way to test your foundation. Your foundation takes longer than anything else. This is the bit you spend time on. I’m now going to use the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer and then you just pat it in, down onto the face a bit, onto the cheekbone so it’s seamless. Now I’m going to use highlighter in Autograph just on the cheekbone just here and now I’m going to use the blush in Autograph, which is a gorgeous peachy colour. Just dab that on a little bit. And moving onto the bronzer, which is the Barry M Chiseled Cheek Contour Kit. It’s fantastic this product. Just a little bit under the cheekbone just here. The next step is the eyeshadow. I’m going to use this palette from Bourjois, which I simply adore. That’s all it is. I’m now going to use this pencil by Pixi inside the waterline here. It’s going to make the eye really big and wide and gorgeous and shimmery. Then I’m going to take the bronzey brown, which I’m just going to use in the roots of the lashes on top just here. You can see how it just lifts the eye a teeny, weeny bit. Next product we’re going to use is the wonderful mascara by Diego Dalla Palma. The only way to get mascara looking really good is if you go right into the roots. The next product I’m going to use is a really clever little brow stick by Stila. I’m first of all brushing the brows to see the shape and then I’m going to take the other end and fill it in. A nude make up is really about a nude mouth to me, so I’m going to achieve this by cheating and I’m going to cheat by using a bit of concealer underneath the lipstick. If you don’t have a pale enough lipstick in your make up bag, this is a great tip to achieve a really pale lipstick. Then I’m going to go to the Autograph lipstick, which is an amazing colour. The lipstick is so similar to the skin tone that you don’t have to use a lip liner for this. This is often called a foundation brush. I find it a really useful brush just to matte down the areas I want to matte. I like the chin so I’m just going to matte down, there we go. Down the centre of the nose, round the nose and there we have the nude make up look.