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How to do flawless foundation

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Flawless Foundation

Learn secret tricks of the trade with make-up artist to the stars Mary Greenwell

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Flawless foundation made easy

Need a quick makeover for busy mornings? Here, Mary reveals how to brighten and perfect your complexion in double-quick time, plus her key expert finishing touches – the dream look when you need to dash

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Mary's expert tips for flawless foundation

Mary Greenwell applying Pur Minerals Primer

Step 1: Prep your skin

Always apply a primer first to reduce the appearance of imperfections and boost your foundation's staying power

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Step 2: Get hands on

For the perfect canvas, use your fingertips instead of a brush to apply foundation – this helps the product blend seamlessly

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Step 3: Conceal

For a wide-awake look, dab concealer under eyes, starting from the inner corner blending outwards to hide dark circles

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Step 4: Lighten and brighten

Cheat a youthful dewy finish by applying cream highlighter along the top of cheekbones and under the brow arch

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Perfect brows how-to

Secrets to perfect brows

Now you have the perfect base, discover Mary's signature technique for beautiful brows

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Foolproof contouring how-to

Foolproof contouring

Show off your bone structure with Mary's must-see tutorial in sculpting and shading

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Read the video transcript

My name is Mary Greenwell and I just want to show you a really simple make up. It’s flawless foundation which is perfect when you wake up in the morning, you’re a little bit tired and you just want to get out the door looking exquisitely, gorgeously fresh. First I’m going to use a primer, which is the Pure Correcting Primer. The foundation I’m going to use is the Autograph Illuminating Touch Radiance Foundation. I find fingers are the best tool in make up. So I’m just going to rub this in, really spending the time massaging the foundation into the skin so it becomes flawless and seamless and part of your whole look. I’m going to put a little bit on her eyelid, just a little bit. So that’s the foundation done. Now I’m going to use concealer. Diego Dalla Palma concealer which is great. I’m going to gently knock it under the eye right into the corner. This is going to open up the entire eye area and remove any dark circle and you can see how now this side is much brighter than this side because it has the concealer under the eye. Where Seraphima has a tiny little blemish, I’m just going to cover that with the same concealer. Having achieved the gorgeous skin I now just want to add just a little bit of make up taking the Autograph Twist Up Cheeks Highlighter Pearl I’m just going to use this on the eyes just to highlight just a little bit on the lid. There we go that’s it. This is Pure Cream Blush, colour Coy so I’m just going to dab this on the cheek here, just to warm up the cheeks a bit. Just going to brush the eyebrows just so I can understand where I’m going to put the bronzer. Using the Autograph Pure Looks Powder Highlighter in Golden Rose. Using a brush for the first time, take it down the side of the face just for a hint. Having brushed through the brows, I’m now going to use a brow gel. It’s like a very pale mascara just to lift the brow a bit and to make them a little bit thicker. Now I’m going to use mascara, again very little. So I’m actually going to remove most of the mascara on the brush. Take it into the roots of the lashes. Really just an incy wincy bit. So that’s it, just that teeny weeny bit has opened up the eye. Anymore than that it would become a mascara look. I want the mouth to be sort of rose budey. I’m going to use, for that, Diego Dalla Palma 80 Lip Liner. Basically you want your make up to look like an airbrush photograph in a magazine and that’s what flawless foundation is all about, so little things like using a lip liner will help you achieve that. This is the Autograph Chubby which I’m going to us to fill in Seraphima’s mouth. And this is a great colour you’ll see. For this look, I’m not going to use powder. I just want to give you fresh, gorgeous, glowing skin.