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Turn back the signs of time with our no-nonsense guide to the best anti-ageing
products and skin care tips to keep you looking younger for longer

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Lines and wrinkles

How to prevent, conceal
and correct them

As we get older, skin produces less collagen and elastin (youth-boosting fibres that keep the complexion smooth and plump), which are also damaged by unhealthy habits such as smoking and sun exposure. The result is the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, however, there’s lots you can do to reduce their appearance, and prevent them from forming prematurely, too. Here are our top tips:

Moisturise – it plumps up skin making fine lines and wrinkles appear less deep.

Be sun savvy – wear sunscreen to protect cells from damaging UV rays.

Try face massage – to relax pent-up expressions like frowning and worry lines.

Add miracle molecules – products with Matrixyl, retinol and vitamin C help boost collagen.

Exfoliate – to remove dead skin cells which exaggerate the appearance of fine lines.


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Ren mineral daily supplement moisturising cream


Moisturise daily to keep skin healthy, followed by sunscreen to prevent UV damage


Filorga hydra filler


Use a wrinkle-filler product to instantly plump up skin or a primer with light-diffusers to soften the look of fine lines


 Rodial glamoxy snake serum


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