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Maternity bras

Throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born, your body will continue to change and you’ll need comfortable, supportive bras that work with your developing shape. Between eight and ten weeks of pregnancy, you may begin to find that you’ve started to outgrow your usual bra. This is the ideal time to invest in a well-designed maternity bra to keep you comfortable and well-supported in the coming months. 

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The first trimester 1-12 weeks

Body-smoothing longline plunge bra

First maternity bras

When shopping for your first maternity bra, look for wide, firm, elastic straps and an under-bust band for extra support. Bras made of cotton will be breathable and comfortable to wear, while styles with four hook fastening options at the back will allow for adjustments as your baby and body grow together.

Flexifit cotton-rich full-cup cami bra in grey marl
2-pack total support non-wired full-cup bras

The second trimester 13-28 weeks

2-pack non-padded full-cup crop tops

Second trimester bras

It’s a good idea to go for a professional fitting every couple of months throughout your pregnancy and when breastfeeding, to ensure your bra fits comfortably. You may even want to start wearing a soft sleeping bra from the second trimester onwards, to keep you comfortable and supported while you sleep.

Jacquard & Lace non-padded full-cup bra
Goodmove seam-free medium-impact sports bra

The third trimester 29-40 weeks

2-pack maternity lace-trim nursing bras
Pink floral lace full-cup bralet

Third trimester bras

During the third trimester, your bra size may increase by one to two sizes in both cup and inch measurements. Now is a good time to invest in a maternity bra that’s suitable for wearing when nursing your baby too. It’s well worth booking in for a professional fitting, to ensure your bra is completely comfortable and right for you. 

Sumptuously Soft full-cup T-Shirt bra

Nursing bras

Nursing bras

The best time to look for a nursing bra is when you’re around eight months pregnant. A good nursing bra should be flexible, allowing extra room for when your milk comes in. It should feel never constricted or tight, even when closed. Look for wide, non-slip shoulder straps and broad sides for extra support. Cup fastenings that you can open and close with one hand are also ideal for feeding.

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2-pack maternity padded T-shirt full-cup bras

Maternity padded T-shirt bras

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Cotton and lace non-padded nursing bra

Cotton and lace nursing bra

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Non-wired full cup bra (2 pack)

Non-wired full-cup bras

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Lace Sumptuously Soft padded nursing bra

Sumptuously Soft nursing bra

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