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Sustainable clothing is close to our hearts. From responsible sourcing to tackling ‘throwaway fashion’, we’ve been taking steps to boost the sustainability of our business for over a decade

Woman wearing navy cashmere jumper

Quality, quality, quality

We believe in making clothes, shoes and accessories that our customers will cherish, and they can be confident the items will have a second life when they’ve finished with them. Through our Shwopping partnership with Oxfam, we’ve seen 30 million garments recycled and £21 million raised for people living in extreme poverty.

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The best raw materials

We’re committed to sourcing 100% of the cotton we use from more sustainable sources – using less water and fertiliser and providing smallholders with better livelihoods. We also set our animal welfare standards high: we’ve developed our own cashmere animal welfare code of practice and are members of the Leather Working Group, which aims to improve the sustainability of the leather industry.

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Workers in a field of cotton

Environmental impact

We care deeply about where our fabrics are sourced and our garments are made. Dyeing and finishing is integral to making beautiful clothing, but it’s important to make sure these processes are managed in an environmentally responsible way.

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Reels of cotton thread

Working conditions

Over one million workers around the world contribute to making our clothing in more than 1,000 different factories. We know where all these factories are – in fact, we visit and inspect them regularly and publish their names on our online transparency map. They are all covered by our Global Sourcing Principles (GSPs) and our high expectations that workers’ human rights will be upheld. Our Modern Slavery Statement has been ranked as a leader in the FTSE100.

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M&S store colleagues recycling hangers

Waste reduction

We send zero waste to landfill from our stores, offices and warehouses; anything we don’t need is sent off for recycling. This includes clothing samples and unsold stock, which are donated to Newlife and Oxfam to be reused. We take climate change seriously: we’ve made our stores 40% more energy efficient in the last decade and made our global operations carbon neutral to accelerate climate action. All our work is supported by robust, independent assurance.

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