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    Indulgent Chilled Hamper

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    Indulgent Chilled Hamper

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      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

      Key Feature

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      Product Contains

      • Les Ruettes Sancerre (75cl)
      • GSM Rhone (75cl)
      • Strawberry and Champagne Conserve (250g)
      • Chestnut Chutney (215g)
      • Intensley Fruity Christmas Pudding (454g)
      • Collection Recipe 6 Christmas Star Mince Pies (318g)
      • Hand Decorated Sparkling Snowflake Gift Cake (465g)
      • Belgian White Chocolate, Cranberry and Orange Florentines (150g)
      • Cornish Cruncher and Pear Biscuits (175g)
      • Venison and Duck Layered Terrine with Cranberries (365g)
      • The Collection Potted Cornish Cruncher Pate with Plum Chutney (175g)
      • Smoked Salmon Carpaccio (160g)
      • Award Winning Blue Stilton (200g)
      • The Collection Cornish Cruncher with Balsamic Onions Star Truckle (300g)
      • Brie de Meaux (170g)
      • Natural Willow Basket with Luggage Tag
      • Medium Cool Bag

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