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A selection of lustred gold and red painted milk and dark chocolate Easter eggs




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Food & wine editor


It’s easy to think Easter is just for little ones, but with our eggs for grown-ups, you might change your mind

It’s an unspoken rule that Easter is meant to be for the kids, but let’s be honest: what discerning, chocolate-appreciating adult can resist a holiday that actively encourages the consumption of the sweet stuff? And when the egg offering is as elegant and indulgent as this, it would almost be unthinkable not to partake. Let the kids keep the mini eggs while you break the mould with fabulous hand-finished designs like our hand-painted Belgian octagonal egg filled with Marc de Champagne shimmered truffles (available online). Alternatively, head to store to discover an array of showstopping designs that are almost too pretty to eat, including a delicate milk, white and dark chocolate hand-painted trio and our Belgian milk and dark egg, which is made by pouring molten 72 per cent dark chocolate over a sparkling gold egg.
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“HAND-FINISHED eggs for a
sweet touch of luxury this Easter”