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It’s no secret that summer is the best time to eat ripe, fresh British strawberries, so we asked food blogger and recipe developer Izy Hossack ( to create three fresh takes on the nation’s favourite berry

Strawberry, lemon
& elderflower cake

“I love the pairing of lemon with strawberries for a sweet and sharp contrast. I’d also recently made elderflower syrup from some elderflowers my family had foraged, so I thought the delicate floral flavour would go well, too. You can easily replace fresh elderflower cordial with shop-bought however if you don’t live near any flowers.

“This recipe is a bit more interesting than a standard vanilla cake with strawberry frosting – serve it simply cut into squares as an afternoon tea treat.”

Bake the cake

“Made for SWEET
afternoon teas
served al fresco


Strawberry & lemony
ricotta bruschetta

“I’ve had strawberries in salads with spinach, tomato and balsamic dressing before. I thought that in the same way that the strawberries brought a little sweetness to the salad, this could be true for a tomato bruschetta. I love having the slight fruity sweetness to complement the lemony, creamy ricotta and the pungent onion. Basil and black pepper bring it all together.

“I like to drizzle on thick balsamic vinegar just before serving to add more acidity too. It’s a good recipe to prep ahead of time if you leave the ricotta and salsa separate – then you just grill the bread as you’re serving up and let people assemble it themselves.”

Try the bruschetta recipe

surprising savoury dish
to whip up mid-week”


Strawberry rye scones

“I’m definitely a baker at heart and sweet recipes are my comfort zone. Like most Brits, I associate strawberries with summer time and it makes such a difference flavour-wise to cook with produce that’s in season.

“These scones are great because they have a slight nuttiness from the rye flour. I layered fresh, sliced strawberries into the dough so you taste them in each bite. It also means there’s no need for jam with these. Just some salted butter is enough for me.”

Bake the scones

“Make a batch to
pack into PICNICS
and lunch boxes


Photographs & recipes: Izy Hossack (Top with Cinnamon) / Editor: Emma Sleight

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