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3 ways to wear

Yes, it’s an office classic, but suits are more versatile than you think. Introducing three looks to give it a new lease of life


A work look with gravitas

Not all suits are created equal, so if you have to wear one to the office, pick a cut that finishes neatly on your body. Ours have been slimmed a little – fear not, no crash diets needed – which gives a much sharper look overall. Once you’ve got the fit right, turn your attention to everything else – the secret to looking more put-together is attention to detail in the rest of your look. Shades of blue go well with pale grey, so a pointed collar sky-blue shirt and navy tie are great additions – make your knot neat and small and slide on a tie clip to keep everything precise. Coordinated black accessories bring it all together.

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“Take the leap into a SLIMMER fit – it makes a much better impression”


Smart casual, sussed

It’s the sweet spot we’re all trying to achieve: how to look like you made an effort, effortlessly? The suit is your friend here, too. Swap a shirt for a plain T-shirt or polo – our silk-cotton knit is the ideal choice as its fine fabric sits flat and sharply under the suit, while a loud colour complements the unusually jolly lining. The lightweight wool of this suit makes it ideal for warmer temperatures, so consider it a strong option for summer events such as the horse races or for sundown drinks that last well into the night. We’ve gone for white trainers worn without socks, which modernises the look – pull your shoulders back and step out into the party with confidence.

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“Smart SUNGLASSES are a suave touch for daytime events”


Wedding without the worry

Going to the chapel? The bonus of this suit is that it has a matching waistcoat – a sure-fire way to up the sense of occasion instantly – and the double-breasted collared style adds to the importance. Being pale and interesting, this combination is a match made in heaven – if you’re part of the wedding party, pick up on the flower theme with a tie, pocket square and socks combo in a complementary colour. We’ve gone the whole hog here and made the pattern floral so the accessories reference the buttonhole. Shiny shoes, in this case black monkstraps, are essential.

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“Always BUTTON the waistcoat but never the jacket – remove it for dancing


Words: Ian Wright / Images: Daniel Thomas-Smith / Stylist: Kenny Ho
Hair stylist: Bjorn Krischker / Model: Arjan at The Squad

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