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Sunday: lazy weekend breakfast

Heather: “Day one, and I swap my usual eggs and avocado on toast for overnight oats packed with lots of fresh fruit and berries. Using almond milk instead of dairy to soak the oats in overnight is an easy swap and gives them a delicious flavour that reminds me of sunshine – much needed in the depths of January. I make my bircher muesli by soaking oats with grated apple and berries, then top with extra fresh fruit, but the dish is endlessly adaptable: think fresh mango with a few flakes of desiccated coconut and soya milk; cashew milk with mashed bananas and a spoonful of cocoa powder; or apple, cinnamon and sultana with almond milk.”

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Monday: manic Monday supper

Emma: “At work, I’m generally running from one presentation to the next, so when it gets to 6pm the last thing I want to do is cook from scratch. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ever settle for something that’s not delicious. My go-to is usually anything simple – like pasta with parmesan, olive oil and pan-seared tenderstem broccoli – so this cashew mac was a brilliant swap. It’s creamy and rich, but with none of the dairy I usually load my dishes with. I normally hate the texture of aubergine unless it’s blitzed into a baba ghanoush, but the veg in this roasted aubergine dish is marinated before cooking, so it’s gorgeously soft, with the perfect level of warm Moroccan spice. Just drizzle on the cashew yogurt dressing and sprinkle over extra herbs for a fresh finish.”

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Tuesday: post-gym protein boost

Heather: “After a busy day in the office and a gym class after work, I need something quick, filling and full of flavour. Grain bowls are all over Instagram right now, and if I don’t have time to make one from scratch, these Mexican supergrains are a delicious quick-fix option – and a good substitute for the shakshuka or prawn stir-fry I’d usually be whipping up. They’re made with quinoa, red and brown rice, seared red peppers and a zesty kick of lime. A creamy sweetcorn and chipotle dip packs a serious flavour punch – something I’d usually rely on meat or dairy for – while pumpkin seeds provide a good dose of protein and crunchy texture.”

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Wednesday: al desko snacking

Emma: “I’m guilty of taking lunch at my desk at least a few times a week and get quite nervous if I’m not surrounded by snacks. My grazing tendencies mean I’m always reaching for crisps and chocolate, which means my sugar levels are on a rollercoaster throughout the day. These veg-packed sushi rolls are a great savoury snacking option, and the pickled red cabbage gives me that sweet and sour kick I crave. The little snack pots of peanut butter and chopped apple are genius: simple, but great at giving you a nutritious protein boost come the 3pm slump.”

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Thursday: lunch on the run

Heather: “When I’m out and about shooting on location, I opt for a quick lunch I can grab to take with me – but I still want it to taste amazing. The tasty options in our new Plant Kitchen food on the move range, from a vibrant rainbow veg sandwich to hearty grain bowls, mean skipping my usual chicken salad is easy. I love the seasoning and depth of flavour Indian spices bring to plant-based dishes, meaning the sweet potato biryani wrap is right up my street. It’s made with a fragrant sweet potato and buckwheat biryani, mango chutney, mint dressing and a crunchy kachumber salad wrapped in a soft wholemeal roti bread – just the thing to fuel a busy afternoon and keep me going until dinner.”

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Friday: comfort food curry night

Emma: “Cold January weather means cosy food and warming flavours. I rely a lot on chicken and fish to get my protein, but I have become a little bit obsessed with this plant-based katsu curry. Fat wedges of soft sweet potato in batter replace the chicken, but the balanced peanut and spice curry flavours of the gravy stay the same, alongside a hearty portion of rice and edamame beans. I feel infinitely more virtuous after eating this, without feeling like I’ve sacrificed anything when it comes to the yum-factor.”

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Saturday: girls’ night in

Heather: “After a frantic week, it’s time to relax with a few drinks, some fuss-free food and a proper catch up. I’d assumed going vegan would mean pizza night was out of the question, but luckily my carb-loving prayers were answered in the form of these dairy-free margherita and jackfruit pizzas. They’re made with a hand-stretched sourdough base, then topped with vegan cashew cheese and a tangy tomato sauce. Jackfruit is the most amazing ingredient, with its ‘meaty’ pull-apart texture and smokey flavour. Alongside, we go for oozy, burnished golden-brown fries topped with cashew ‘cheese’, plus my new favourite from the Plant Kitchen range: crisp tempura cauliflower popcorn with a fiery buffalo sauce. Going plant-based has never tasted so good.”

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Editors: Heather Taylor and Emma Sleight / Photographer: Dan Jones / Food stylist: Kim Morphew
Prop stylist: Wei Tang / Make-up artist: Brigitta Smart / Stylist: Tamala Ayres


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