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Nuxe body cream shot with bougainvillea and saffron




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Sam dean

Acting beauty editor


Snuggle up with this luxurious body cream, designed to give dry skin comforting hydration all day long

Think of Nuxe Luxurious Body Cream as an ultra-soothing hug in a jar: exactly what you need as the weather turns colder. The anti-ageing formula is packed with the skin plumping, brightening and firming bi-floral cells of saffron flower and bougainvillea. The supremely voluptuous texture melts and sinks in on contact, so you can get dressed immediately after use – ideal for chilly mornings. The result is radiant, plumper, smoother, firmer-looking skin. Infact, skin looks and feels so good it seems a shame to get dressed at all. Bonus points for the orange blossom, raspberry and sandalwood scent that smells aaah-mazing, and makes the experience of using this lavish body cream all the more pampering. Winter, we’re ready for you!
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“Cold WEATHER and central heating
call for ultra-moisturising
body products”