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Roast pork on a baking tray with autumn vegetables




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Deputy food editor


Autumn’s here, and it’s time to welcome back the roast: this delicious pork joint ticks all the Sunday boxes

The seemingly endless summer of 2018 may be behind us, but it’s not all bad. Along with the golden leaves and blustery weather comes an abundance of beautiful produce, and it’s finally cool enough to get everyone together for a pull-out-all-the-stops Sunday roast. To make it totally stress-free, turn to this gorgeous outdoor-bred rolled porchetta from our Food to Order service. This ready-to-cook, easy-carve joint is made from British pork belly and shoulder that’s rubbed with garlic, lemon zest and sage, filled with herby lemon stuffing, then hand-tied. Simply slow roast with your favourite autumn veg (and don’t forget the apple sauce). Crispy crackling, guaranteed.
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