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Photography: John-Paul Pietrus
So good it's gone!

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Fashion journalist


Turning a youth-centric trend into an ageless look, this 1960s-inspired Limited Edition dress is a chic choice for party season, says fashion journalist Harriet Quick

The figure of the 1960s ingénue has reappeared on the fashion horizon in all her Bambi-legged, backcombed, coquettish glory, and the piece that best sums up the look is the short shift dress. Jean Shrimpton and Pattie Boyd were the pin-ups back then; now, in 2014, a new wave of beauties including Michelle Williams and Alexa Chung are sporting the ingénue look with élan. But can that naive charm still translate beyond the 20-/30-something age bracket? Arguably, Mary Jane shoes and Peter Pan collars will look too twee, but this glorious bronze and purple brocade shift, with its raised neckline, cutaway straps and mid-thigh length, will traverse the party season in style, glimmering and glistening like a gilded butterfly.
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“This Limited Edition BROCADE shift,
in glorious bronze and purple tones, will
traverse the party season in style