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This year, we travelled the length and breadth of the country to ask the nation: ‘What’s your M&S Christmas favourite?’. Say hello to some of the real-world M&S food fanatics from our very special Christmas ad


Beau and Jenny, the sprout champion and the chocaholic

Foodie friends Jenny from Birmingham and Beau from Nottingham met through their work in events. Jenny is delighted to appear in our ad: “We never expected this to happen,” she says. “We’ll look back on it when we’re grandmas!”

When Beau tasted our festive food, she discovered an unlikely favourite. “M&S has changed my perception of sprouts,” she laughs. “I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong all these years, but these sprouts tasted magical.” Jenny loved our chocolate and cherry dessert. “It’s going to be the cherry on top of my Christmas,” she says. The pair will be spending the big day with their families and, of course, plenty to eat. “You can taste the quality of M&S food,” says Beau. “And it always looks glitzy and glam,” agrees Jenny. “Especially my all-time favourite, the shimmering chocolate acorns.”

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Tembi, Mathias, Haydn, Ameil and Precious are Team Dessert

This group of creatives and actors live in Birmingham, and while they all spend Christmas morning differently – from church visits and festive film binges to official potato peeling duty – they all agree that the M&S Christmas range has won them over. “It always looks nice, but you don’t expect it to taste as nice as it looks,” Mathias explains. “After tasting it, you realise what you're getting for your money.” As Tembi adds: “I always thought it was expensive, but it’s actually not. I’ll now shop at M&S.”

The group had a host of favourites, such as Ameil’s Speybay sweetcure smoked salmon, which he describes as: “Juicy and succulent, with a nice hint of spice to it.” But it was the desserts that came out on top. Mathias picked our rich Belgian chocolate and cherry dessert, Haydn chose the majestic prosecco and orange Christmas pudding, and Precious, the mirror glaze cake: “Belgian chocolate is my absolute favourite.” And it wouldn’t be a party without Tembi’s pick: Delacourt champagne.

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Kelly and Lisa, the party starters

For finance worker Lisa and her friend, singer-songwriter Kelly, getting asked to share their food favourites with the nation was a dream come true. “I love food,” says Lisa. “I’m a qualified nutritionist, so if I’m not reading about food, I’m cooking it.” They both agree something extra-special happens at Christmas with family and food. “My family come together, and everyone cooks,” Kelly explains. “My mum is Jamaican, and cooks turkey, jerk pork and jerk chicken in the garden with the barbecue. That’s why we eat dinner at 9pm! I’m going to buy the M&S Camembert with sweet chilli and eat it all myself while I’m waiting for Mum to finish this year.”

Lisa’s favourite is our light crab and avocado spheres, but she’s a huge fan of turkey and fizz too, and has her own method for enjoying them: “Marinate your turkey in brine for the juiciest texture. And you can definitely drink champagne before midday. Just have a buck’s fizz, which will probably in truth be three quarters champagne and just a splash of orange.”

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Sarah, mince pie and prosecco queen

“It’s exciting to be part of the M&S Food Christmas TV ad,” says Sarah, an M&S store worker from Liverpool. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little bit nervous, but I feel really proud to be representing the brand. At Christmas, people don’t want to compromise on quality, and that’s what you get at M&S. Whatever you choose, you know it’s made with fantastic ingredients, looks amazing, and will taste great.”

Sarah picked our much-loved mince pies as her M&S Christmas favourite. “I love them. Beautiful buttery pastry, generously filled with our exclusive-recipe mincemeat. You can easily eat more than one in a sitting,” she says. Sarah’s Christmas is set to be a busy one. “I’ve got a two- and a three-year-old, so it will be an early start and an explosion of wrapping paper. Then it’s round to my in-laws for lunch: turkey, ham and beef.” And to drink? “Prosecco, prosecco, prosecco!

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Editors: Emma Sleight and Heather Taylor / Photographer: Dan Kennedy / Stylist: Tamala Ayres / Hair stylist: Bjorn Krischker
Make-up artist: Emma Kotch / Food stylist: Bianca Nice / Prop stylist: Helen McIntyre / Manicurist: Emma Welsh