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Photography: Eric Frideen

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Menswear editor


Smartly tailored from sustainable fabrics, this stylish suit is a clever wardrobe addition that will keep your conscience clear, says menswear editor William Oliver

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to refresh your office wardrobe and make that all-important back-to-work good impression. A well-tailored navy wool suit is the perfect investment, showing a sense of personal style outside of the standard black and grey uniform. Great for cooler seasons, the tone adds colour without being too bright and is an ideal go-to for a formal occasion. A smart buy in a number of ways, this contemporary two-button version – inspired by the skills of Savile Row craftsmen – is made from fully traceable organic wool, woven in Italy, and features a soft lining made from recycled plastic bottles. While the suit may be a discerning shade of blue, the materials are about as ‘green’ as you can get.
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“A smart, versatile INVESTMENT
buy, this suit is made from organic wool
and features a recycled lining”