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Breckland white pork chops on the barbecue with herb butter and herb brush




Photographer: Carolyn Barber

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Food and wine editor


Good weather can be fleeting, so make the most of every barbecue opportunity with summer-ready food like our succulent pork chop box

We Brits are used to brief, temperamental summers, which is probably why we don’t hesitate to break out the barbecue at the slightest hint of sunshine. Everyone knows that something magical happens when you cook over an open flame – everything tastes better, and full-flavoured pork chops are no exception. Our Breckland White pork chop box was made for impromptu al fresco gatherings and, with four chops and four rib-eye steaks, there’s plenty to go round. To jazz them up, chop a handful of sage, rosemary and parsley into some soft butter and smother on before chargrilling over the coals.
BBQ box this way

“Tie a bunch of FRESH sage and
rosemary to a wooden spoon to
make a fragrant herb brush”