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Three-in-one Marks and Spencer rainbow coat for girls, with matching wellies and hat




Photographer: Carolyn Barber

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Claire Askew

Kidswear editor


Turn up the bright in gloomy January with the smiles-guaranteed coat for kids

This amazing three-in-one coat couldn’t tick more boxes if it tried. First, rainbows. Spring’s hot trend and the one thing guaranteed to make all kids smile (and, as an aside, imagine how easy this jacket is to spot across a crowded playground). Second, the layers. It has a clever zip lining, which means you get three coats for the price of one: an easy-to-pack waterproof for all seasons; a smart spring-time red padded jacket and, when zipped together, a lovely warm and waterproof coat. And finally? The matching wellies and waterproof hat. Adorable.
Rainbows this way

“Layer her up in STYLE
with this on-trend rainbow
three-in-one coat”