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Our Best Ever prawn sandwich on a black slate




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Deputy food editor


Dining al desko just got even more delicious, with a little help from a retro dish that’s definitely stood the test of time

Like flares, platforms and glitter balls, the prawn cocktail is a Seventies icon. But while some food fashions from the disco decade are arguably best forgotten (Spam fritters, anyone?), this classic dinner-party dish tastes just as delicious today. Now, we’ve reimagined it in sandwich form. Developed by our in-house chefs, Our Best Ever Prawn Sandwich is packed with plump Atlantic king prawns and juicy prawns from Honduras in a gorgeously glossy Marie Rose sauce, seasoned with tangy lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, a fiery dash of Tabasco and a kick of brandy. Iceberg lettuce adds crunch, while soft malted brown bread rounds out this star sarnie. Try it for yourself in store now.
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“Sweet PRAWNS, Marie Rose sauce
and crunchy lettuce are a match
made in sandwich heaven”