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Selection of Christmas cheeses on a black slate with figs, grapes, crackers and fresh thyme




Photographer: Martin Poole

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Deputy food editor


From seasonal get-togethers to the big-day dinner, no festive celebration would be complete without a tempting array of top-quality cheeses

No matter how many second helpings of dinner you’ve had, there’s always room for cheese. A properly curated selection should include a range of flavours, spanning creamy and mild to strong and savoury. Available to order online via our fuss-free festive food service, this cheese bites board strikes the perfect balance. It includes nutty Cornish cove cheddar, mild Lancashire, Inglewhite goat’s cheese, delicate P’tit Basque and tangy Stratford blue. The cheese comes in precisely portioned pieces and pretty curls, so all you need to do is add some fruit – figs, redcurrants and blush-violet grapes work well – your favourite crackers, and a few fragrant thyme leaves for the perfect post-dinner indulgence.
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“To ENJOY its flavour at the
fullest, serve your cheese
at room temperature”