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Fashion journalist and author


For statement dressing that’s comfortable too, Limited Edition’s printed top and trousers are the perfect match, says fashion journalist and author Harriet Walker

Once upon a time, if you matched your top to your trousers, people would think you’d gone out in your PJs. Nowadays, that’s precisely the point: coordinating separates are a cool look for warmer weather. I love them because they’re smart, they make a statement, but they’re also downright easy to wear. And we’ve moved on from pretty paisleys; this season’s pyjama dressing is more urban. This graffiti-style monochrome print references some of the abstract art that designers such as Céline’s Phoebe Philo put on the catwalks for summer. So there you go – these pieces might be light and laid-back, but the street-wise woman who wears them definitely got out of bed on the right side this morning.
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“This STRIKING monochrome-print
set references the abstract art that was
seen on the summer catwalks”