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Menswear editor


If Valentine’s Day isn’t the time to slip on something special, we don’t know what is. This year, why not say it with flowers?

So you’ve arranged the candle-lit meal, ordered the flowers and have a bottle of fizz ready to pop, but what to wear to complement this mood come Valentine’s Day? While donning a full dinner jacket is a bit OTT, making an effort will make them feel loved and you feel good, and thankfully that’s as simple as slipping on this shirt. Its moody, deep burgundy tones will look great in soft, low lighting and will draw your special someone in so they can see better the subtle illustrated floral pattern. Once up close and personal, the soft brushed cotton will feel great to their touch, making a cuddle on the sofa at the end of the evening extra special.
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“Pair with SMART black
trousers to let the
shirt stand out”