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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Food & wine editor


The warmth, spice and intense flavours of Mexico are summed up perfectly in these mini vegetable tacos – just add lime and a cold beer, says food & wine editor Becky Sunshine

With fresh, zingy flavours and layers of texture, every bite of our mini vegetable tacos brings to mind the comforting heat of the Mexican sun. The ready-prepared little flour tortillas feature three tasty fillings: roasted sweetcorn, butternut squash and feta; refried beans, roasted peppers and spring onions; and spicy black beans with tomato, jalapeño and mature cheddar. They make a great treat for lunch, or enjoy them as part of a Mexican feast – just heat them up, garnish with a squeeze of fresh lime and serve with an ice-cold beer.
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“For extra FLAVOUR, pair these mini
vegetable tacos with our two-dip selection
of Hot & Smoky and Cool & Creamy”