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Photography: Richard Haughton

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M& food & wine editor


Super-sweet flavour and a warm glow of sunshine make yellow Rainier cherries a refreshing seasonal favourite, says M& food & wine editor Becky Sunshine

Fresh, juicy cherries are a healthy and delicious treat that’s ideal for sharing with family or friends on lazy summer afternoons in the garden. While the traditional red version is always a hit with guests, this year is all about the ultra-sweet, delicate Rainier cherry. This specialist variety has a short season and is produced by only the most skilled growers – so now’s the time to enjoy its luxurious, sun-kissed yellow skin and creamy plump flesh. Simply wash the fruit, chill in the fridge and serve in a generously overflowing bowl. Perfect.
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“The SWEET, delicate flesh of the Rainier
cherry makes it great for garnishing
summer cocktails or adding to desserts”