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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



From the Style & Living team


Celebrate the day with an elegant white-chocolate ribbon wedding cake to ensure yours is a stylish, and delicious, event, says Style & Living’s Becky Sunshine.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and it’s crucial to get the important details right. While nothing can ultimately upstage the blushing bride, a spectacular confection makes a wonderful centrepiece. I love this four-tiered chocolate cake, topped with white-chocolate ganache and white-chocolate ribbons (which we've styled with fresh flowers). Each 110-serving cake is made to order with free-range eggs and without preservatives; the decoration is created by shocking the chocolate on a frozen surface to allow the chocolatier to mould and apply each ribbon by hand. Order the cake online and it will be ready to collect in store 21 days later. For those looking for a savoury alternative, there are pork pie tiers or cheese celebration cakes.
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“The HANDMADE ribbons on this
made-to-order cake will give
your celebration a stylish finish.”