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Photography: David Parfitt
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Change your approach to facial cleansing with the new battery-operated brush from Formula skincare, which gently polishes as it cleans, says beauty editor Jess Clark

If, like me, you’re particular about removing every trace of make-up and daily grime from your skin, you’ll appreciate the thorough clean that Formula’s new cleansing brush gives. Ever since battery-powered brushes became a thing in the beauty world, people have claimed that they make the old hands-and-cleanser approach feel insufficient – like the difference between sweeping and vacuuming, or even a rotating steam cleaner if we’re talking floor-cleaning analogies! I love how easy it is to use: coupled with your favourite cleanser, it cleans the skin with its dual-speed circular motions (it comes ready with batteries), and is soft and gentle with no abrasive scrubbing. It helps with skincare absorption, and the complexion feels buffed and radiant with the kind of glow that only deeply cleaned skin has.
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“Battery-operated cleansing brushes
are a beauty GAME-CHANGER, and this
one leaves skin polished and glowing”