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Bottles and glasses of Delacourt champagne



Deputy food editor


From special occasions to impromptu celebrations, our new champagne promises the perfect ‘pop, clink, fizz’ moment

When choosing our new range of champagne, M&S winemaker Sue Daniels wanted fizz with a certain je ne sais quoi. She had the enviable job of scouring Reims – the centre of France’s champagne-growing region – to find it, and picked the makers of Delacourt, new in store and online this month. The house stood out thanks to its relationships with local growers, meaning Sue could select the perfect cuvée, or blend. The name is inspired by France’s opulent 18th-century royal courts, and the bubbles have a creamy finish befitting nobility. “It’s my desert island champagne,” says Sue. Enjoy alongside this perfectly paired recipe, created by our chefs.
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“This CLASSIC champagne has
long cellar aging to deliver
a rich, complex style”

Beef fillet with langoustines, fresh peas and spinach

Serves 4

For the stock
1 tbsp olive oil
8 langoustines, peeled, shells reserved
1 onion, finely chopped
1 carrot, finely chopped
1 stick of celery, finely chopped
1 small leek, finely chopped
A large sprig of fresh thyme
1 bulb garlic, halved
1 tsp tomato purée
100ml white wine

For the beef
4 beef fillet steaks, seasoned with salt and pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp unsalted butter
200g peas
100g spinach
2 heads baby gem lettuce, sliced
½ bunch of fresh parsley, finely chopped

First make the stock. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat and add the langoustine shells. Fry for 6 minutes, then add the onion, carrot, celery, leek, thyme, garlic and a pinch of salt. Cook for 15 minutes, add the tomato purée, then cook for 2 minutes before adding the wine. Cook until the wine has reduced, then add 1 litre of water.

Simmer for 1 hour, then pass through a fine sieve and set aside.

For the beef, heat the olive oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and add the steaks. Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side (3 minutes for rare, 5 for medium). Set aside to rest. Using the same pan, cook the peeled langoustines for 2 minutes. Remove and set aside.

In a small saucepan, heat the butter and add the peas, spinach and baby gem. Cook over a low heat for a minute or so, until the peas and lettuce are soft and the spinach wilted. Scatter with the parsley and set aside.

Finally, add 500ml of the stock (freeze the rest for another day) to the steak frying pan and bring to the boil. Heat rapidly until reduced by two thirds. Spoon the greens onto a warm plate and top with the steak and langoustines. Spoon the sauce on top, and serve with Delacourt vintage brut champagne.