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Enjoy deliciously rich coffee in minutes with this stove-top pot. It’s a simple, authentic way to make the perfect cup – and there’s plenty for sharing, says home editor Jo Caulkett

Whether it’s a daily ritual or a weekend treat, many of us like to start the day with a coffee, and a stove-top pot is a quick, easy way to make a tasty cup at home. It creates an authentic espresso that’s noticeably richer and more complex than its cafetiere-brewed counterpart. Simply fill the bottom of the pot with cold water, add fine-ground coffee to the filter, screw on the top and heat on the hob. After three or four minutes, the top will fill with coffee; you should see a lighter-coloured ‘crema’ appear when it’s ready to serve. Pour straight from the pot for a velvety drink that’s full of flavour – this model makes six cups, so it’s perfect for sharing, too.
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“Make a HOMEMADE espresso part of
your morning routine, serve it after dinner
parties or share a pot with friends”