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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



M& editor


Chic, feminine and totally timeless, this tailored, soft-grey jacket is spot on for both work and play, says M& editor, Nicola Copping.

There’s nothing more chic, versatile and stylish than a dove-grey blazer. I’ve had one in my wardrobe since I first started working (believe me, that’s a long time) and it’s my go-to piece when I have an important meeting and want to convey confidence and femininity. Opting for grey over black or navy creates a softer appearance – less ball-breaker, more bridge-builder. This version, from our summer Best of British collection, is a great example of tailoring, but the real fashion touch is to wear it over your shoulders like a cape, to give a twist to a tea dress or simple sweater-and-tailored-trousers combo.
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“A dove-grey blazer is the epitome of
CHIC, and this Best of British version
conveys confidence and femininity.”