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Burger-shaped sponge and brownie cake with ketchup icing on a cake stand




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Food & wine editor


Feed your Instagram feed while raising a smile with our photo-ready birthday burger cake

Everyone knows that one of the best bits about your birthday is the cake. While a plain vanilla or chocolate sponge is a classic delight, other cakes can burger off (sorry): we’re in love with this addition to our online cake line-up. A triple-layer stack of rich, dark brownie, buttercream and all-butter sponge buns complete with soft-icing sweet ‘salad’ that kids will be clamouring to try, this surprising cake tastes as good as it looks. The burger (sorry, again) the better when it comes to this iced edifice too, as it promises a generous 30 servings per cake, so there’s no need to worry about any hamburglars when it comes to second helpings (last bun pun, promise).
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“Camera-ready and DELICIOUSLY
different – surprise and delight with
our burger cake”