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Batteries at the ready as we put to the test the techy gifts that’ll whizz, flash and bleep their way into their hearts this Christmas

The immersive VR viewer

Want a break from it all? Being transported to another world is as easy as opening up your favourite virtual reality app, plugging it in to this clever VR viewer and popping it on. The comfortable head strap and padded eye guard keep you securely immersed in your fantasy setting, while the built-in high-fidelity headphone speakers bring a warm and convincing sound to your ears. Most Apple and Android phones are compatible, slotting easily into the robust, substantial headset. All you then have to do is adjust your lens and off you go.

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Immerse yourself in 360 degrees of escapism
Waterproof, 4K resolution in a handheld package
Ready for your close-up? These selfie lenses are
Fold entire virtual worlds into your pocket

The wireless sound ball

Whether you’re into classical, country or chillstep, for a portable but punchy sound look no further than this little ball of tricks. Connect your device of choice to the sphere via the AUX cable in the box or Bluetooth, allowing you to dance and DJ at the same time. Move it easily to where you want your tunes and either pop it on its handy silicone stand or split the ball to make the left and right channels sing as the artist intended. Great for entertaining and even better for taking out on picnics when the weather is as hot as the beats you’re dropping.

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Charge for 90 mins, play for four hours
Are devices your vice? Charge more at once
Wireless and foldable, so great for the commute
Super portable for tunes on the go

The hero camera drone

Ready for take-off? Warm up those thumbs as our drones won’t stay grounded for long. Grab a controller, which have a familiar layout to anyone who has played with a remote-control car or video games, and you’re immediately in the driving – or flying – seat. Once you’ve switched yours on and you hear the unmistakable whirr, you’ll be flipping and rolling like a pro in no time. Pop in store for the camera drone (pictured) or click below for our range. Not to drone on, but they're serious fun.

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A 30 metre range to really spread your wings
Switch from four wheels to three in a flash
Four-wheel drive fun on land and water
Scalextric – where nostalgia meets technology

Editor: Ian Wright / Photographer: Katie Hammond

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