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From the Style & Living team


Let your little ones indulge in their superhero fantasies with this fun top, which comes complete with a matching cape, says Style & Living’s Isabelle O’Carroll

Transform even the most ordinary moments into something fantastic with this T-shirt-slash-superhero outfit that’s perfect for fighting villains and saving the day. It’s a handy compromise between full fancy dress and something more suitable for everyday activities. Your little one will love scampering around, letting their imagination run wild as the cape catches the wind. The letters on the front can be removed and repositioned for added fun, and the cape – detachable for maximum versatility – features a cool lightning-bolt motif. Both the cape and the cotton T-shirt are machine-washable, so whatever adventures your child gets up to, you know this outfit will survive another day.
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“This interactive superhero top will
add some FUN to getting dressed
and make any day feel special”