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Model wears loungewear bra and silky pyjama bottoms




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Womenswear & lingerie editor


Comfy, supportive and cool – this bra has everything you need

I know how it is – when it comes to bras, you’ve got your trusted favourites, and it’s hard to be swayed from the designs you know and love. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of lingerie loyalty, but if you want to experiment with something new, make it this bra. Made from beautifully soft fabric, it definitely ticks the comfort box, but it’ll also be a hard worker in your everyday wardrobe, with a shape that works for V-neck tops and a back that can be secured in a regular design or a flattering racer-back. The colour options are great, too: a change from everyday white, but the almond version is pale enough that you can wear it under light-coloured clothes. Time to try something new?

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“Made from beautifully SOFT fabric,
this bra will be a hard worker in
your everyday wardrobe”