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Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the UK – 82 per cent of women want to know if they’re at risk, but genetic testing costs a lot and is only offered to women with a strong family history. M&S has partnered with Breast Cancer Now to raise £13million so that all women can find out their risk. It’s hoped this initiative will prevent 9,000 cases a year by 2025. Join in the #ShowYourStrap campaign by posting your own shot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or donating to Breast Cancer Now. Here, the Style & Living team share their personal stories.

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Rachel Sullivan, editor

“One of the last conversations I had with my mother was about cancer testing. Unlucky enough to have both breast and ovarian cancer, which she died from at the far-too-young age of 58, her last wish was that I didn’t die the same way. I’m now determined to get the best information for myself, my two-year-old daughter and my unborn child. With cancer, knowledge is power.”

Rachel Sullivan shows her strap for breast cancer

Maggie Davis, lingerie editor

“I recently found a lump in my left breast and was swiftly referred to UCLH Macmillan for tests. The waiting room included women of all ages, ranging from early 20-somethings to late 70-somethings. Some of them will have been diagnosed with breast cancer that day. I was lucky and given the all clear, but it made me realise it really can happen to anyone.”

Maggie Davis shows her strap for breast cancer

Laurie Randall, digital designer

“This campaign is close to my heart. My dad lost his mother to breast cancer in 1960, when he was just four years old. Back then, early diagnosis was rare. Now I have a four-year-old of my own, I feel lucky that I know how to be breast aware and I can pass this on to my daughter.”

Laurie Randall shows her strap for breast cancer

Lisa Morren, digital designer

“The ‘C’ word has been a big part of my family’s life, with leukaemia, brain, womb and breast cancer all playing a role. I have extremely strong women in my life who have fought this terrible disease and I’m proud to be a part of finding a cure.”

Lisa Morren shows her strap for breast cancer

Kate Fitzpatrick, deputy editor

“I lost my best friend to breast cancer in May. She was kind to a fault, generous, clever and funny. She also showed incredible grace and strength every single second of the five years she was ill. This important campaign honours Carolyn and every woman who has battled this disease.”

Kate Fitzpatrick shows her strap for breast cancer