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Man wearing striped seersucker short-sleeve casual shirt




Photographer: David Gubert

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Ian Wright

Menswear editor


We’ve developed a bit of a thing for lightweight seersucker this season – here’s why you should too

Even though it’s around 400 years old, the textured, lightweight fabric we know (and love) as seersucker is ageing particularly well. Perennially popular for its bumpy surface created when the cotton is woven, the material sits proud on your skin, making it incredibly breathable when the heat is on. Originally a blue-collar fabric, stripy seersucker traditionally crops up in blazer form, but this summer everything from simple shorts to a natty flat cap have been given the modern seersucker treatment. And while we wouldn’t condone a full head-to-toe look – who are you, Colonel Sanders? – this easy, breezy short-sleeve shirt or its grandad-collared cousin is just the job for looking cool when things hot up.
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“The SOFT wrinkled fabric looks
great left un-ironed