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Bouquets of autumn flowers displayed in jugs and buckets




Photographer: Helen Cathcart

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Emma sleight

Flowers editor


The arrival of autumn doesn’t have to be gloomy – welcome in the harvest season with a bouquet of flowers in rich hues

Autumn is my favourite season. There’s something about that first twinge of cold in the air and the slow switch of the landscape as it fades from green to a sweep of copper and gold. But just because the days might seem a little bleaker, that doesn’t mean it has to be a washout. September is a vibrant month packed with colour, which our new range of floral arrangements elegantly showcases. As well as traditional bursts of coral and maroon in our Autumn Dawn cluster of peachy carnations, and our Cape Flora bouquet with African proteas, you’ll also find candy-pink lilies and fat cream Dutch roses. My pick of the pack is our sumptuous Autograph Extravaganza bouquet – a huge bunch of burgundy, cream and orange roses, eucalyptus and berries that shows off the shades of this season at their best.
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