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Fillet steak with shaved asparagus salad and red wine




Photographer: Emma Lee

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If enthusiasm for your January diet is starting to wane, break up the monotony with something you can really get your teeth into, like a perfectly seared steak

By now, your January resolve might be wavering and you’ll be searching for something indulgent that won’t get you thrown off the healthy eating wagon. Cue our protein-packed Special Reserve fillet steak. The devil is in the detail with these premium cuts – dry-aged for 14 days using traditional methods, this Aberdeen Angus sired beef has a beautifully marbled finish. Not only does this time-tested ageing process give the cut exceptional taste and tenderness, the depth of flavour in this fillet makes it a perfect match for green vegetables and a cheeky glass of red wine. Plus, if you’re on a New Year fitness kick, the high protein makes it a great post-workout dish.
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“Lighten a JUICY rare steak
with shaved asparagus and
sweet roasted tomatoes”

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