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Model wears fuchsia pure silk shirt with pleated skirt and black loafers




Photographer: Daniel Thomas Smith

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Womenswear & lingerie editor


No wardrobe is complete without a great-quality silk shirt

Legend has it that silk was discovered by a Chinese empress, who sat under a mulberry tree and became enraptured when a cocoon fell in her lap and began to unravel, revealing the shimmering fabric within. True or not, it’s indisputable that we’ve been coveting this luxurious material for centuries, thanks to its alluring gleam, flattering drape and ability to keep us cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s nippy. Available in three colours – pink, navy and ivory – our £59 silk shirt is excellent value, especially when you calculate the cost-per-wear. Because it’s amazingly versatile: wear with cigarette trousers and heels for the office, a showstopping midi skirt for special occasions, or pair with jeans to make an everyday outfit a bit more glamorous.
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“Wear with a SHOWSTOPPING midi skirt
for special occasions, or cigarette
trousers and heels for the office”