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Glass bowl of blue muscari grape hyacinth on white wooden table




Photographer: Carolyn Barber

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Emma Sleight

Flowers editor


It’s time for a spring refresh – transform a room in minutes with our potted muscari stems in soft, soothing blue

Sometimes it’s the small things you can rely on to lift your mood in those last few weeks of winter. Little luxuries, like good coffee in bed on a cold weekend, the slow lightening of evenings as we speed towards spring or a burst of colour in your home from fresh flowers. I like to bring some brightness indoors with pretty potted plants instead. Bedded in moss, this arrangement of scented muscari (commonly known as grape hyacinth) is easy to care for – all it needs is a sunny windowsill and minimal watering and, when the flowers have passed their best, if you have a garden, you can replant the bulbs outside come autumn. Plus, studies have shown that the colour blue has a calming effect on your mood, so they’re a great way to beat those winter blues.
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“Muscari are BRIGHT and
sweet-smelling and make a
great gift”

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