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A trio of cream pots on a windowsill filled with golden thyme, bay and tomatoes




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Food & wine editor


Create a mini kitchen garden with this sweet herb and tomato trio – perfect for injecting fresh flavour into your cooking

Who says you need a proper garden to grow your own? With our handy set of bay, golden thyme and fruiting tomato plants, you’ve got an edible display to put wherever you have space, from a sunny windowsill to your kitchen table. This smart trio is a practical gift for foodie friends, and having fresh herbs on hand makes it easy to perk up everyday meals. Douse your sun-ripened tomatoes in olive oil, pepper and rock salt and eat with chunks of burrata; add fragrant golden thyme (also known as mystic lemon) to your salad dressings; and use bay leaves to add punch to veg-packed summer broths.
Grow your own

“Edible plants make a
THOUGHTFUL housewarming
or hosting gift”