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Two bay trees in duck egg blue hessian sacks in front of a front door




Photographer: Katie Hammond

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Emma Sleight

Flowers editor


Give your house a one-minute makeover starting at the front door with our bay tree duo

The path outside my front door is the home of a multitude of ‘stuff’, from bikes to budding weeds, none of which gives me much of a thrill when I walk through the gate. After enduring this worse-for-wear state through winter, I think now might be just the time to give my doorstep a bit of TLC – after all, it’s the first thing visitors see. I’m hoping to make an impression with this pair of rather stately bay trees. Not only is a ready supply of bay leaves a lovely thing when it comes to flavouring stock or a roast, but with their pale blue jute bags (plastic-lined and packed with soil for easy watering) and dark green foliage, the trees will elevate my façade from Stig of the Dump to lady of the manor – all in a matter of seconds.
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“These ELEGANT bay trees
are a simple way to create a
welcome with wow-factor”