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When you’re flitting from one party to the next, make sure your look always rises to the occasion with these get-gorgeous-fast hair, make-up and pedicure secrets


Fake a bouncy blow-dry

Everyone loves a bombshell blow-dry, but when party season’s in full swing, you don’t have ages to spend in front of the mirror. Cheat with a ‘faux-dry’ instead – it mimics the glamour factor of perfectly coiffed locks, with minimal skill or time required.

1. Prep fine damp hair with blow-dry spray or use a smoothing cream if your locks are frizz-prone.

2. Rough dry hair until most of the moisture has gone, brush into your preferred parting, then twist tightly into a low bun – the tension of the twist smooths and shapes hair so it has a polished, modern wave.

3. Blast the bun with your hairdryer. Once cooled, unravel, rake through with fingers, then mist with hairspray.

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Nail your ‘pediquette’

If you’ve neglected your feet since summer, they’ll need some TLC before you slip on your party shoes. This fast foot-fixing DIY pedicure leaves them looking pretty and feeling heavenly, even in heels.

1. File nails straight across for a groomed finish – if you use a glass file you can file in both directions without damaging nails. Bumpy or thickened nails? Hold the file flat and gently buff the surface so your polish goes on smoother.

2. Buff your feet before you have a bath or shower – it’s easier to remove hard skin when it’s dry and avoids accidentally over-buffing.

3. A mini massage provides the finishing touch but make sure it’s with a foot-specific moisturiser.

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Party-proof your make-up

The last thing you want to worry about mid-party is endless touch-ups. With these insider tips and long-lasting products, all you’ll need to worry about is having a great time.

1. Primers are skin magicians that smooth, conceal and lock down your make-up – simply apply after moisturiser and before foundation. Choose one with luminescent tones to give skin an extra youthful glow.

2. Wow people with your mesmerising eyes by keeping your make-up simple. Instead of a smoky eye look, apply waterproof liquid liner to your top lids for no-maintenance definition.

3. A great red lip is your best accessory for every special occasion – look for one with skin-loving oils to keep your pout in mistletoe-ready condition. Merry kissmass!

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Photographer: Chris Craymer / Stylist: Tilly Hardy / Hair stylist: Asashi / Make-up artist: Ruth Funnel / Nail artist: Kim Treacy / Model: Georgia at Premier / Beauty editor: Emma Robertson

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