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A girl and a boy playing with the friendship bracelet and paper aeroplane kits and books




Photographer: Joost Vandebrug

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Every parent knows that dragging kids away from TV and iPads during the school holidays is no mean feat, but one way of enticing them is finding something you can work on together

We have Kirstie Allsopp to thank for the resurgence in vintage craft skills, and the trend has filtered down to toys too. Made from sustainable wood and recycled paper, this retro-style aeroplanes kit will give your little one hours of fun. As well as age-appropriate instructions, the book also includes a history of the planes they’re creating – so your child might not realise it, but they’re learning too. Alternatively, they may prefer to create their own friendship bracelet, using the bracelet kit’s colourful threads. The accompanying book suggests patterns like the Zigga Zagga and the Mermaid’s Swirl, and comes with pretty charms so they can really make the look their own.
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“SUITABLE for ages eight and above,
these kits come with clear
instructions for maximum fun

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